In Memory of Irving Thomas Smith - 10th Mountain Division, United States  Army - Thomas Smith - Eagle Point, OR

In Memory of Robert M. Korn - United States Navy, Navy Cross and Purple Heart recipient -  Linda Rose, Medford, OR

In Memory of Merle Johnson - United States Navy, WWII in the Pacific -your daughter, Barbara -

In Memory of William W. Miles - United States Marines, WWII in the Pacific, Purple Heart recipient
-your loving wife, Mary

In Memory of William C. Rothrock -  United States Navy - WWII and Korea - your daughter, Kris

In Memory of Joseph Roler - 8th Army Air Corp, WWII Europe and James Rainey 10th Army Yeomandy Division, Canada, retired from US Army 1970  - Dennis & Shawn

In Memory of Dennis P. McManus Sr - United States Army  - WWII  in Europe 101st and 501st Airborne
-your friends, Bill and Raelynn, Vernon and Sandra,  Darlyn, employees of City of Salem Finance  Dept.

In Memory of John R. Wysock - United States Navy, Vietnam -your friends Jack and Mary

In Memory of Donald "Torgie" Torguson - United States Navy 1946-1947 News Correspondent 
-your family Michael, Kirsten and loving wife Eleanor

 In Memory of  Bill Moore Jr. - United States Army Air Corp WWII and  Ruth Short - United States Army WWII
- your loving family Bruce and Anita

 In Memory of T. R. Trull - United States Army and O.L. Ludahl, United States Navy 
- your loving wife and daughter, Candace

In Memory of Russell Blower - United States Army 1943-1946
-your friends at the Oregon State Snowmobile Assn., Donald and Leona, and Teresa and Dana

In Memory of Monte Wirch - United States Army and LaRone Wirch-United States Navy -Your Brother John

In Memory of Jack Bushnell - United States Navy -your Loving son, Roger

In Memory of Colonal Lehman "Chalky" White - United States Army Air Corps

In Memory of Ralph W. Palmer - your loving wife

In Memory of Paul S. Dawson - United States Navy WWII - your daughter Julia

In Memory of Delbert Anderson, Ashland, Oregon, U.S. Navy, last of the five Anderson brothers who bravely
served in WWII.  - Sister-in-Law Shirley Anderson & her family of nieces and nephews

In Memory of George W. Decker - United States Navy WWII - your loving son David

In Memory of Dr. Jesse Pollard - United States Army WWII - Your friends Dan and Barb

In Memory of Victor "Bob" Moore-United States Navy WWII and Ray Offord-United States Navy WWII
-their loving son and daughter, Gene Offord and JoDell Moore Offord

In Memory of Eugene S. Arnold - United States Navy WWII, Pacific theater 1944-1945  
Thank you so much, Darlene and Garry​

In Memory of Maurice Juteau - Royal 22nd Regiment, Canadian Armed Forces WWII and Korea
-Your daughter Lorry and Son-in-law Murrit

In Memory of Murrit H. Davis - United States Air Force WWII and Korea
-Your son Murrit and Daughter-in-law Lorry

In Memory of Sylvester (Sy) Ottele - United States Army WWII, Pacific theater 1941-1945
-Your friends Larry and Debra

In Memory of Richard V. Wing - United States Army-Army Air Corp-Air Force 1939-1961
-your son and name sake, Richard

In Memory of James W. Greely - United States Navy - Your Proud Daughter, Jane McAfree 

In Memory of David Grimm - United States Army Air Force, WWII 
- Your proud daughter Joleen, Son-In-Law Gary and son David,II

In Memory of Willys I. Amsberry - United States Army Air Force - your proud daughter, Beth

In Memory of John Sather and Charles Hailstone who served with honor - Mike Sather

In Memory of Stephen D. Nelson who served with honor WWII and Korea - your daughter, Nancy

In Memory of John (Jack) Alwen - United States Navy WWII 1944-1946 and Honor Flight Volunteer -
your loving family

In Memory of Robert O. Phariss - United States Army and United States Air Force - WWII, Korea and Vietnam -
your son and daughter-in-law, Daniel and Julie

In Memory of Otis L. Pierce - United States Navy WWII 1943-1946 - your friends, loving Wife and Daughters

In Memory of Harvey A. Tofte - United States Navy and United States Marine Corps 1943-1954 -
your friends and Tammy's co-workers at Care Payment

In Memory of Alfred L. Mendenhall - United States Army 1943 - 1946, your friends Ron and Cindy

In Memory of Jack Elkin - United States Navy, and Bob Elkin - United States Army, WWII 1941-1945, 
Thank you for your service, Bob L.

In Memory of William Boyd - United States Navy, Retired - your friend and Sams' coworker - Barbara Jakubowski

In Memory of Charles "Bob" Westerberg - United States Navy WWII 1942 - 1945 - your loving daughter Karen

In Memory of Joseph Sarvis Dusenbury - United States Navy WWII - your very proud Niece Mary Ann and family

In Memory of C.R. (Bob) Westerberg - United States Navy WWII - your loving daughter Karen

In Memory of Joseph F. Ruiz, MD - United States Navy, 2nd Marine Division WWII Guadalcanel - your niece Jacqueline

In Memory of Nancy Songer, United States Coast Guard WWII - your proud daughter Patricia

In Memory of Charles "Bob" Westerberg, United States Navy WWII, Pearl Harbor Survivor - your loving daughter
Karen and family

In Honor of Sallylou Bonzer and the Nurses of the 45th Field Hospital - 
the first Nurses into France in WWII - Robert Welch

In Honor of my husband Leroy on Veterans Day 2011 -  your loving and proud wife, Carol

In Honor of Robert Busnell - United States Navy - Love You, Roger

In Honor of Dr. John Bonzer, 45th Field Hospital  - Sallylou

In Honor of Captain Roger Ross - United States Army WWII   - your loving daugher, Cyndee

In Honor of Jack Buckley, WWII Navy - on your 87th Birthday - with love, Jackie

In Honor of Reece Jameson - WWII Army Air Force, 486th Bomber Group - Marl & Jill Carter

In Honor of Jack Buckley, WWII Navy - Happy Birthday dad - love Jackie

In Honor of Jack Buckley, WWII Navy - another Happy Birthday dad # 89 - your very proud daughter, Jackie
"Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid.  They have earned our undying gratitude.  America will never forget their sacrifices."
- President Harry S. Truman
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